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         Lone Star Fly Fishers Library 

Fly Fishing Books
     How to Catch More Trout - Charles R. Meck
      Fly Fishing the Texas Coast - Chuck Scates & Phil Shook
      Reading the Water - Dave Hughes
      Trout on a Fly - Lee Wulff
      Streamer Fly Fishing - John Merwin
      First Cast - Phil Genova
      Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout - Tom Rosenbauer
      Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri - Chuck Tyron
      Fishing Man-Made Lakes - Dick Sternberg
      The Teeny Technique for Steelhead  Salmon - Jim Teeny
      Fishing the Four Seasons - Dave Hughes
      Fishing the Midge - Ed Koch
      An Anglers Guide to Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations - 
                                                  Rick Hafele & Scott Roederer
      Complete Guide to Game Fish - Byron Dalrymple
      Smallmouth Strategies for the Fly Rod - Will Ryan

      Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis - Howell Raines

      Full Creel - Nick Lyons

      Spring Creek - Nick Lyons

      Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders - John Gierach

      Standing in a River Waving a Stick - John Gierach

      Fly Fishing the San Juan River - Sam LaManna 
Complete Guide to Game Fish - Byron Dalrymple 
Trout Season - Michael A. Santulli  
Fly Fishing in Northern Mexico - Craig Martin  
Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies
      L. L. Bean Fly Fishing Handbook - Dave Whitlock
      Fly Fishing the Tail Waters - Ed Engle

      Fly Fishers Guide to Texas - Phil H. Shook

      Sit-on-top Kayaking - Dennis Stuhaug

      Dances with Trout - John Gierach
      Even Brook Trout Get the Blues - John Gierach   
Fly Fishing Alaska - Anthony Route
      Antique and Collectible Reels - Harold Jellson, D. B. Homel

      Trout Fever - Bruce Cochran

      Fishing for Dummies - Peter Kaminsky 

      Texas Beach and Bay Access Guide (#1) - Jerry Paterson

      Texas Beach and Bay Access Guide (#2) - Jerry Paterson 

      Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod - L. A. Garcia 

      Fly Fishing Tactics - N. A. Fly-Tackle Trade Assn.

      River Journal:  Rio Grande - Craid Martin

      Evening Hole Restoration Plan

      The Little Book of Fly Fishing - Tom Davis

      Get the Net - Jack Ohman

      Start to Finish Fly Rod Building - Ryan Seiders

      How to Think Like a Survivor - Tom Watson

      Fly Fisher's Guide to Wyoming - Ken Retalli

      Fly Fisher's Guide to Oregon - John Huber

      What Fly Fishing Teaches Us - Dennis Bryan

      A Selection of Fine and Historically Important Angling Books -

                                                                 Tenderloin Rare Books

      Under World of Trout - Wendell Ozefovich

      Fly Fishing the Texas Hill Country - Kevin Hutchison

      Texas Beach and Bay Access Guide - Jerry Patterson

      Smallmouth Strategies for the Fly Rod - Will Ryan


Fly Fishing Videos
      Fly Fishing for Trout - 3M
      The Way of the Trout ( Conservation Classic) - Trout Unlimited

      The Dry Fly - 3M
      The Wet Fly & Nymph - 3M
      Strategies for Selective Trout with Doug Swisher -                                                         Scientific Anglers

      The Golden Ring - Eastman's Outdoor World

      Fly Fishing the San Juan River - Today's Sportsman

      Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod - L. A. Garcia

      Fly Fishing Large Western Rivers, Vol. 2 - Rick Hafele

      The Complete Rod Repair Video

Fly Tying Books
      The Art of Fly Tying - John van Vliet
      The Fly Tier's Manual - Mike Dawes
      Fly Tying Notes - Wayne Moore

      Tying Bass Flies - Jimmy Nix

      The Dry Fly  -  Hal Janssen
      Tying Western Dry Flies - Mike Lawson
      Tying the Western Trout Flies - Jack Dennis

      Bass Flies - Dick Stewart

      Western Trout Fly Tying Manual - Jack Dennis

      Emergers - Doug Swisher, Carl Richard

      Tying Nymphs - Randall Kaufmann

      The Hook Book - Dick Stewart

      Bonefish Fly Patterns - Dick Brown, Dan Smith

      Aquatic Insects and Their Imitations -                   Rick Hafele,  Richard Bunse

      Handbook of Hatches - Dave Hughes

      Micro Patterns - Darrel Martin

      Tying Strong Fishing Knots -Bill Herzog

      Caddis Super Hatches, Hatch Guide for the U.S. -

                  Carl Richards, Bob Braendle



Fly Tying Videos
      Tying Western Dry Flies with Mike Lawson & Jack Dennis
      Tying Western Trout Flies with Jack Dennis
      Tying Bass Flies with Jimmy Nix

      Wet Fly Ways - Dave Wooton

      How To Tie Dry Flies - Orvis

      Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple - Skip Morris

Fly Casting Books

      Advanced Fly Casting - Doug Swisher
All New Fly Casting Techniques - Lefty Kreh
      The Orvis Progressive Fly Casting Method - Bill Lairns 

Fly Casting Videos
      The Orvis Progressive Fly Casting Method: Volume One - Orvis
      Advanced Fly Casting with Doug Swisher - Scientific Angler
      All New Fly Casting Techniques by Lefty Kreh - Outdoor Safaris

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